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Tron Network Partners with Oraichain to Unlock AI Possibilities

TRON Announces Its First Official A.I. Partnership with Oraichain

  • Tron network and BitTorrent have reached their first AI partnership.
  • The Tron Foundation has announced its first official artificial intelligence (AI) partnership with Oraichain.
  • Through the partnership, Oraichain will add TRC20 token compatibility to OraiBridge.

About the Partnership

The Tron foundation has announced its first official artificial intelligence (AI) partnership with Oraichain, a public blockchain that enables smart contracts to request data from AI APIs alongside user-created data requests. Through this partnership, TRON and Oraichain will work together to foster a community of developers, investors, and enthusiasts who are passionate about the potential of blockchain and AI. With the goal of expanding smart contract functionality and innovating new use cases, they will also provide education and support for all participants.

Benefits of the Partnership

This partnership between Tron and Oraichain brings numerous benefits to users on both networks. The most notable benefit is that it allows for simple and secure transfer of assets between two blockchains due to the addition of TRC20 token compatibility to OraiBridge by Oraichain. This means that transactions can be processed faster on the Tron network, thus expanding its global use case further. Additionally, this opens up new asset pairs on OraiDEX as well as opportunities for cross-chain DeFi projects.

Expected Outcomes

Through this collaboration between Tron and Oraichain, both parties expect an increase in usage of blockchain technology across different sectors such as finance, healthcare, logistics etc., due to increased efficiency enabled by AI integration with blockchain technology. Furthermore, this could revolutionise cryptocurrency trading industry through automated trades being executed faster on the platform than ever before.


The Tron Foundation’s official A.I partnership with Oraichain marks an important milestone in terms of pushing forward innovation in blockchain technology through AI integration. This collaboration brings forth numerous benefits such as allowing for simple & secure asset transfers between two blockchains as well as opening up exciting new opportunities for DeFi projects across chains . In conclusion , this partnership is expected to bring about greater adoption & usage of blockchain technology across various sectors due to increased efficiency enabled by AI integration .

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