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A Bitcoin at $ 500,000 that puts misery in gold, it doesn’t matter: the reasons for a possible explosion

Half a million for Bitcoin? – Gone are the days when those who advertised a bitcoin (BTC) at 100,000 dollars were regarded as sweet dreamers, now that the fashion is rather to estimate it at 500,000 dollars! In any case, this is the forecast of two investment funds, which are considering this target for two related reasons. Explanations!

This CEO predicts that Bitcoin has everything to match gold

Eric Peters is the co-founder and current head of the One River Asset Management fund , which already has over $ 1 billion in bitcoin under his management .

In an interview with Bloomberg, the CEO discusses the incredible potential of Bitcoin . He is indeed deeply concerned about the deplorable state of the global economy, with governments becoming „extremely indebted“ with their unbridled monetary policy.

In the eyes of Eric Peters, Bitcoin and digital assets have unique qualities , some of which „resemble the qualities found in gold“ . Except that they are „considerably undervalued“ compared to other stores of value like gold. Which makes the CEO of One River say that:

“If [Bitcoin] were content to increase its capitalization even if only to the level of the gold market (…), it would reach a price of around $ 500,000 per bitcoin. “

For the head of the investment fund, the limited supply of 21 million Bitcoin units is a unique quality. Because whatever the price or the demand, „there will be no more bitcoins produced“ than what its code, designed by Satoshi Nakamoto provides.

ARK Invest experts also see BTC at $ 500,000

Almost at the same time as Eric Peters‘ statements, analysts at investment firm ARK produced a report whose conclusions on Bitcoin’s price are equally optimistic .

Indeed, as we can see on page 50 of this report (below), if institutional investors on the planet invested just 6.5% of their portfolio in Bitcoin, the latter would be propelled up to to $ 500,000 .

Gråskala inaktiverar köp av nya aktier för Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, andra

Grayscale Investments har tillfälligt inaktiverat köp av nya aktier för Bitcoin, påpekade en Twitter- användare idag. Företaget har också stoppat inköp av aktier i andra kryptovalutor som Ethereum, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic och Bitcoin Cash.

Företaget erbjuder dock fortfarande kryptoaktier för Zcash, XRP och Horizen

Gråskala stänger regelbundet sina kryptoförtroende till så kallade „private placement“ -rundor. Låsperioden för Bitcoin Pro aktier sägs vara sex månader och efter utgången av denna period får investerare sälja dessa aktier till privatkunder. För att markera slutet på denna låsningstid har Grayscale varit känt för att stoppa inköp.

Grayscale hade senast pausat köpet av GBTC-aktier i juni i år. Många inom området tror att sådana tillfälliga avstängningar alltid tenderar att påverka institutionell efterfrågan på Bitcoin.

Men enligt forskaren, på lanseringen av nya aktier endast marknader ”ryck högre”

När nedräkningen är över ser vi under de senaste två åren solida bevis för att marknaden plötsligt skjuter högre nästan varje gång.

Hittills har Grayscale enligt uppgift ackumulerat totalt 536 000 Bitcoin. Det är Bitcoin Trust-tillväxten har bara accelererat med att fonden ökat till 5 miljarder dollar under fjärde kvartalet 2020. Under detta kvartal lade Grayscale till 115 236 BTC, fann en teknisk analytiker:

För en vecka sedan sa VD för Grayscale, Michael Sonnenshein , att Grayscales flöden ökade sex gånger „av vad de var förra året“ och tillade:

De typer av investerare som sätter kapital i arbete är några av världens största investerare, vilket gör större tilldelningar än någonsin.

Tillbaka i oktober, gråskala publicerade sin tredje kvartalet Investment Report, enligt vilken företaget upp $ 1050 miljoner i sina investeringsprodukter, märkning detta deras största kapitalinflödet i ett enskilt kvartal någonsin. Företagets tillgångar under förvaltning ökade till och med med 147 procent YTD vid den tiden.

Efter ett tillägg på $ 270 miljoner, var GBTC litar AUM nu sagt att vara över $ 13 miljarder.

How to buy Bitcoin at the best of times without being an expert

With the huge rise that Bitcoin is going through, you may be thinking how to buy this cryptocurrency.

But more importantly, you want to know if this is a good time to do it.

It is normal for a price as high as the $ 18,000 that the mother cryptocurrency is trading at today causes greed. This can pressure you to make hasty decisions thinking that the train is going to leave you.

Let me tell you that you still have time, and although it is not the best time to buy Bitcoin, today I will show you some tools that will help you buy at the best prices.

All you will see below is information that will help you:

You know and trust the fundamentals of Bitcoin.
You will invest with a long-term vision.
None of the above will be considered investment advice.

How to buy Bitcoin at the best times
1- Rainbow Chart

The funniest tool on this list. It is intended to observe long-term price movements, without having to worry about the volatile day-to-day fluctuations of Bitcoin.

Designed in the shape of a rainbow, where the colors identify the best areas for both buying and selling.

It was introduced into the ecosystem by the Bitcointalk user trolololo in 2014. It has colored bands that originate from a logarithmic regression, the other conditions of the tool do not have any scientific basis. It’s not the holy grail of investing, it’s just a price guide. It will be correct until one day it is no longer correct.

2- Historical RSI

Developed in 1979 by J. Welles Wilder, the RSI is one of the most widely used indicators in technical analysis. Its acronym stands for Relative Strength Index, which is translated as Relative Strength Index.

It is an oscillator type indicator that reflects the relative strength of bullish movements compared to bearish movements, and normalizes the calculation in a range that fluctuates between a high of 100 and a low of 0.

It is used to measure the strength of a trend or to look for signs of a reversal of the trend.

If you want to know how to buy Bitcoin at the best prices with this indicator, you should focus on using a long-term RSI.

In this case we will use the monthly RSI offered by the data provider Digitalik.

From this graph we can see how although the $ 18,000 that BTC is currently trading seems like a high price, it is still quite a long way from being overbought, compared to the peak reached in 2017.

The best places to buy Bitcoin using this RSI, is when the indicator is below 20 points indicating oversold.

However, if your vision is solidly long-term as it should be, you could still keep accumulating with good prices up to the 70 level of this RSI.

Already at level 80 or higher you should sound the alarms, you could start taking some profits and enjoy everything that you have waited for that moment to arrive.
Bitcoin RSI. Source: digitalik. Bitcoin RSI.

The close relationship between Bitcoin’s scarcity and its price

3- Stock to flow

The Stock to Flow is a model designed by the Plan B analyst. Its purpose is to show how many years are needed to reach the current stock. The higher the result of the calculation, the higher the price.

Thanks to the Bitcoin production speed reduction event (halving) held every 4 years, there is a drastic shock in supply. If you add to this a constantly rising demand, it results in an upward explosion in price.

Brace yourself, based on the Stock to Flow model, that explosion is just beginning, and it should push the price toward an ATH of around $ 100,000.

Analyst warns of Bitcoin crash, says: BTC will soon crash by 30%

According to independent financial analyst Josh Rager, the Bitcoin bull run is on the verge of encountering a tough wall of resistance.

The benchmark cryptocurrency could fall as much as 30 percent, according to the co-founder of Blockroots. He comments that BTC / USD has a knack for logging extreme retreats after its relentless rallies.

Rager cites nine such cases in recent history in which bull markets brought corrections of at least 30 percent

The bearish analogy comes despite a long-term healthy outlook for the Bitcoin market. The cryptocurrency rose about 90 percent in 2020 and traded as low as $ 14,098 on Friday – its highest level since January 2018, when The News Spy corrected down from an all-time high of nearly $ 20,000 the previous month.

Many traders, including Rager, agree that Bitcoin hit $ 14,000 because of the general consensus that cryptocurrency was a hedge against inflation. The asset has a limited supply of 21 million coins, which outweighs the potential benefits of owning fiat currencies with an unlimited supply.

The surge in coronavirus cases and its potential impact on the global economy has led central banks to pursue an unprecedented policy of quantitative easing. More money comes into the market, which undermines its purchasing power.

As a result, investors are actively moving their cash reserves into relatively riskier assets, which include stocks, gold, and bitcoin .

That explains the incredible price rally of the crypto currency since March 2020 – up to 265 percent on Friday.

„Let the dips come“

Rager sees the impending bearish correction as a natural response to a bull run. The analyst admits that the „dip“ would prove helpful in attracting more investors to the Bitcoin market. For them it would be an opportunity to secure the tight investment at a discount. Rager bullish:

„In the long term we know where this is going (up)“

Much of this investment is expected to come from traditional firms. Bakkt President Adam White told the Wall Street Journal that hedge funds, brokerage houses and other mainstream trading firms are „taking a hard look at crypto and bitcoin.“ According to White, daily trading on his futures platform has increased from 1,300 in late 2019 to 8,700 in September 2020.

The introduction of Bitcoin also increases the payment services sector.

La Comunidad Crypto se retracta de los comentarios del gobernador del BoE sobre el valor de Bitcoin

Los miembros de la comunidad de Criptología presionaron los comentarios del gobernador del Banco de Inglaterra Andrew Bailey sobre el valor intrínseco de Bitcoin.

La mayoría señaló que Fiat no tiene más valor „intrínseco“ que los activos criptográficos.

La comunidad de la cripto-moneda ha presionado los comentarios del gobernador del Banco de Inglaterra sobre el valor intrínseco del bitcoin.

Según un informe de Reuters, el Gobernador del Banco de Inglaterra, Andrew Bailey, criticó el Bitcoin Up a principios de la semana, cuestionando si el activo tenía algún valor intrínseco.

Dijo que,

Tengo que ser honesto, es difícil ver que Bitcoin tiene lo que tendemos a llamar valor intrínseco. Puede tener un valor extrínseco en el sentido de que la gente lo quiere.

Bailey continuó diciendo que estaba „muy nervioso“ acerca de que la gente usara bitcoin para pagos debido a su incierto valor y advirtió a los inversores de la volatilidad de precios del activo criptográfico.

El director general de Microstrategy, Michael Saylor, cuya empresa de análisis invirtió recientemente 425 millones de dólares en bitcoin, se retractó de los comentarios de Bailey. En un tweet publicado el 13 de octubre, Saylor destacó el valor intrínseco de bitcoin, llamándolo el primer sistema monetario digital capaz de almacenar todo el dinero del mundo para cada individuo y gobierno.

Los miembros de la comunidad criptográfica se apresuraron a señalar un informe de 2018 del Banco de la Reserva Federal de St. Louis, que afirmaba que ni el bitcoin ni las monedas respaldadas por el Estado tenían valor intrínseco.

El informe decía,

Bitcoin no es la única moneda que no tiene valor intrínseco. Las monedas de monopolio estatal, como el dólar estadounidense, el euro y el franco suizo, tampoco tienen valor intrínseco.

El veterano partidario de la criptografía y CEO de ShapeShift, Erik Voorhees, añadió su opinión al debate, calificando el „valor“ de una descripción totalmente subjetiva.
Un hombre de Nueva Zelanda ha sido acusado de blanqueo de dinero mediante el uso de transacciones en cripto moneda y la compra de coches de lujo.

Según un informe del NZHerald, un hombre de 40 años de edad de Auckland, Nueva Zelanda, a quien se le concedió el anonimato provisional, se enfrenta a hasta treinta cargos relacionados con el blanqueo de dinero. El hombre fue arrestado como parte de una importante operación de incautación de activos, incluyendo miles de dólares utilizados para la compra de cripto-activos.

En el informe se afirma que el acusado supuestamente blanqueó dinero mediante la compra de vehículos de alta gama, entre ellos un Lamborghini de 421.000 dólares y un Mercedes G63 negro de 288.888 dólares. El hombre supuestamente usó 1,7 millones de dólares en fondos lavados para comprar una propiedad en East Auckland.

Documentos de la corte muestran que el hombre recibió sumas desconocidas de dinero en efectivo para lavar de un individuo mientras estaba en el aeropuerto de Auckland a principios de año. También fue acusado de obtener mediante engaño un crédito de más de un millón de dólares de un banco.

Además del acusado no identificado, el informe dice que la policía arrestó a otras seis personas e incautó millones en activos el 13 de octubre.

Flera datapunkter tyder på att Bitcoins bull-run i 2017-stil har börjat

Uppgifter om socialt sentiment, förstärkning av grundläggande analyser och kedjeanalys tyder på att Bitcoin är på väg mot en bull-run i 2017-stil.

Förra veckan steg Bitcoin ( BTC ) med 6,95% och steg från 10 804 dollar den 5 oktober till 11 555 dollar den 12 oktober. Ökningen markerade den bäst presterande veckan för priset på Bitcoin sedan juli och data visar en märkbar förändring i marknadssentimentet runt den digitala tillgången.

Enligt data från TheTie, en alternativ dataleverantör för digitala tillgångar, har den dagliga känslan för Bitcoin nått 62,4. Mätvärdet mäter tonen i konversationer på Twitter för att få positiva eller negativa känslor på marknaden, och varje poäng över 50 innebär att marknadssentimentet är positivt.

Bitcoin-pris kontra sentiment

Bitcoin och resten av kryptoindustrin uthärdade en hel del negativ press i början av oktober. CFTC och DOJ slog ner BitMEX-börsen och laddade företaget med olagligt drift av en derivatbörs den 1 oktober och Storbritanniens FCA förbjöd kryptovalutaderivat i detaljhandeln den 6 oktober.

Ingen av dessa händelser gav emellertid de negativa resultat som många investerare förväntade sig . Dessutom följdes de negativa nyheterna av hausseartade berättelser som Square som fördelade 1% av sina tillgångar till Bitcoin .

Generellt fortsätter hausseartade tecken att samlas upp för Bitcoin och när den digitala tillgången ökade till 11 500 dollar ökade det totala marknadsvärdet för hela sektorn med 6% från 339 miljarder dollar till 359 dollar.

Vidare fann en färsk rapport som undersökte över 30 paneldeltagare, inklusive eToros kryptovalutakommentator David Derhy, Alpha5-VD, Vishal Shah och LMAX-gruppens valutastrateg, Joel Kruger, att Bitcoin kommer att nå 14 283 dollar i slutet av 2020, enligt panelisten genomsnitt .

Blockchain-aktivitet matchar känslor

Många mått på kedjan matchar också det positiva sentimentet kring Bitcoin. Medan investeraraktiviteten har ökat har priset ännu inte följt. Enligt kryptokurrencyanalytiker, Willy Woo, signalerar detta en ökning av ”investerarnas aktivitet”, en som ännu inte har redovisats i Bitcoin-priset. Woo sa :

”Investeraraktivitet” baseras på on-chain volym. Detta beror på att när BTC flyttar mellan plånböcker mellan två olika deltagare, antar vi att det fanns en betalning för den off-chain (fiat eller alt-mynt). Det är ett ofullständigt mått men närmar sig vad som händer. ”

L’influente analista di criptovaluta afferma che Bitcoin potrebbe raggiungere $ 5 milioni, ma la maggior parte dei trader perderà denaro

Un noto influencer e analista di Bitcoin ha appena fornito una delle previsioni più rialziste di Bitcoin mai registrate, dicendo che la criptovaluta migliore potrebbe salire alle stelle fino a $ 5 milioni.

L’analista pseudonimo, noto nel settore come Carl the Moon, ha un seguito collettivo di 170.000 su Twitter e YouTube

In una nuova intervista con Coin Post, afferma che la previsione audace dipende dal futuro della valuta fiat .

“Se guardi all’offerta di valuta del mondo, è attualmente valutata a $ 100 trilioni. Se Bitcoin acquisisce l’intero pool di liquidità, questo pool di denaro fiat, ciò significa che Bitcoin potrebbe potenzialmente assumere il controllo di questa capitalizzazione di mercato e ciò porterebbe Bitcoin a circa $ 5 milioni per Bitcoin. “

Carl afferma di credere che l’attuale panorama economico globale sia favorevole per la criptovaluta numero uno.

„Penso che sia ovvio che Bitcoin finirà per superare i $ 20.000. Stiamo assistendo alle banche centrali che stampano valuta come mai prima d’ora. E quello che stiamo vedendo è [una] quantità storica di stampa di valuta, questo è lo scenario esatto per cui è stato creato Bitcoin. Fondamentalmente, Bitcoin sembra estremamente rialzista, molto più rialzista che a livello tecnico „.

Sebbene l’analista pseudonimo sia ottimista su Bitcoin, afferma che la maggior parte dei trader probabilmente perderà denaro cercando di cronometrare l’azione dei prezzi di BTC

„Penso che le persone che detengono Bitcoin saranno i maggiori vincitori al mondo perché Bitcoin è stato l’asset con le migliori prestazioni del decennio precedente. Secondo me, continuerà a essere la risorsa più performante di questo decennio.

I trader possono guadagnare più soldi dei titolari se commerciano attivamente e se sanno cosa stanno facendo. Ma le persone che non hanno esperienza tendono a perdere denaro durante il trading. Circa l’80-90% delle persone che commerciano perde effettivamente denaro nel tempo „.

A breve termine, l’analista afferma che Bitcoin deve solo rompere i $ 14.000 per avviare il grande trend rialzista.

„Credo che Bitcoin sia attualmente in un mercato rialzista, ma non sono così sicuro che abbiamo ancora iniziato la grande corsa al rialzo di Bitcoin … La grande domanda è che Bitcoin sarà in grado di rompere questo massimo precedente. C’è stato un massimo di circa $ 14.000 qui tra giugno e luglio 2019. Penso che quando supereremo questo livello, allora posso dire con certezza che siamo garantiti in un mercato rialzista „.

Binance Coin (BNB) suffers rejection before hitting $ 30

The BNB has completed an evening star diagram.

Technical indicators are neutral.

There is support at $ 22.50 and resistance at $ 29

The Trust Project is an international consortium of news organizations based on transparency standards.

The course Binance Corner (NBB) was rejected on September 30, beginning a fall ongoing. While a near-term rebound is expected, the direction of the longer-term trend remains uncertain.

A lower peak

On September 14, the BNB price peaked at $ 33.35. That said, the price created a Doji candlestick followed by a bullish overlap Japanese candlestick, completing a shooting star pattern. This pattern is known as a bearish reversal.

The decline continued, until price hit a low of $ 22.22 on September 21, validating the $ 22.50 area as support.

On September 30, the price was rejected by the fibonacci level 0.618 of the entire decline, and fell once more. This created a lower high, at a current retracement level.

Technical indicators are neutral. The RSI is moving above 50 but is in decline, and the Stochastic Oscillator appears to have rejected a bullish cross.

Weaknesses responsible for a fall

Crypto trader @devchart shared a BNB chart, claiming the price rose 12% and would have changed the critical resistance of $ 26.50 into support. That said, since that tweet, the price has been rejected and has fallen back below the resistance zone.

The 6-hour chart shows that the fall was preceded by bearish divergences in the RSI and MACD.

At the time of writing this article, the price is moving at the 0.5 fibonacci level of the entire rally. In order to remain valid, BNB will need to hit a low soon and start rising.

Despite an unconfirmed bullish divergence in the RSI, there are no other signs to suggest that price will reverse its downtrend.

The wave count for BNB indicates that the price completed a correction in ABC (in orange below), with a bottom on September 21. The rally that followed looks impulsive rather than corrective (in red) and price appears to have completed a bullish momentum, currently moving into another correction in ABC.

It is not yet clear whether its rise is part of a bigger wave A or a new bullish momentum.

That said, the price should end its correction near $ 24. A decline below this would reduce the chances of it being a bullish impulse. Likewise, a decline below $ 22.10 would negate the possibility that this is the start of a new upward trend.

In conclusion, the price of BNB should find support near $ 24 and begin an upward movement. The direction of the longer-term trend remains uncertain.

Quale sarà il risultato di questo ciclo di mercato, gli analisti danno risposte come Ethereum (ETH) si avvicina al momento storico

Nella settimana precedente, l’intero mercato dei crittografi è stato inghiottito da un’ampia vendita. Attivato dal rafforzamento dell’Indice di Valuta del Dollaro statunitense (DXY), il criptomercato in tandem con i mercati delle materie prime e dei titoli azionari è diminuito.

L’Ethereum, il secondo più grande asset cripto per cap di mercato, è stato anche schiacciato nel selloff del mercato ad ampio raggio, che ha toccato i minimi di 314 dollari. All’inizio del mese, i tori dell’ETH hanno spinto i prezzi verso l’alto verso i 500 dollari. L’Ethereum, tuttavia, è rimbalzato dai suoi minimi e ha mantenuto la stabilità al di sopra della zona di supporto di 300 dollari, mentre ha superato i livelli di 335 e 340 dollari.

L’Ethereum è stato scambiato in tandem con il Bitcoin (BTC) mentre i suoi minimi sono stati successivamente fissati quando il Bitcoin è sceso sotto i 10.200 dollari. Anche il Bitcoin è rimbalzato e attualmente è scambiato a 10.717 dollari.

Al momento, l’Ethereum (ETH) è attualmente scambiato a 352 dollari.

Dopo il calo del Bitcoin Billionaire e dell’Ethereum rispetto ai recenti massimi, nei cuori di molti si è posta una domanda pertinente su quale fase del ciclo di mercato si trova la crittografia delle valute e quali saranno i possibili risultati di tale fase.

Gli analisti danno risposte come Ethereum (ETH) si avvicina al momento storico

Una domanda pertinente è se questa fase attuale segnala l’avvio anticipato di un’encierro o l’inizio di un altro mercato dell’orso? Kain Warwick, fondatore di Synthetix e anche un giocatore del mercato cripto negli ultimi otto anni ha recentemente dichiarato che questa azione di prezzo in corso e questa tendenza fondamentale condivide le sembianze con quella vista nel 2016.

Michael van de Poppe della borsa di Amsterdam ha confermato che l’attuale struttura del mercato assomiglia solo all’inizio e alla costruzione di una potenziale corsa dei tori simile al sentimento e allo slancio di fine 2016.

Warwick ha proseguito affermando che, avendo vissuto due precedenti cicli di criptaggio, ritiene che la recente situazione del mercato sia parallela a quella del 2016, che era la „calma prima della tempesta del 2017“, ha detto:

„Ho cercato di capire se siamo stati nel 2016 o nel 2017 negli ultimi 6 mesi. Quest’ultima settimana mi ha messo saldamente nel campo del 2016″. È scioccante come le reazioni umane siano simili agli stessi stimoli. Dopo la discarica del luglio 2016, non sono riuscito a convincere nessuno a comprare BTC a 500 dollari…“.

sui possibili risultati di questa fase attuale, Warwick ha detto questo:

„Stanno accadendo così tante cose contemporaneamente che è impossibile rintracciare le potenziali conseguenze di tutte, per non parlare delle conseguenze combinate della cucitura di tutte insieme“.

Tuttavia, altri commentatori hanno sostenuto che, nonostante la lenta attività dei prezzi registrata nel mercato dei cripto, un trend di crescita parabolico sarà l’esito imminente.

Chris Burniske, un partner di Placeholder Capital, ha recentemente commentato che secondo lui l’Ethereum raggiungerà una capitalizzazione di mercato di 1.000 miliardi di dollari in questo ciclo di mercato. Altri commentatori hanno parlato in modo simile su Bitcoin, affermando che è probabile che BTC abbia un altro trend di crescita esponenziale in questo ciclo di mercato.

L’Ethereum, tuttavia, si sta avvicinando ad un momento storico perché se la storia fa rima, l’ETH potrebbe essere in grado di salire significativamente più in alto nei mesi a venire, nonostante la debolezza che attualmente rappresenta come risultato del prelievo. In un’analisi dei precedenti trend di rialzo della criptovaluta, Messari ha indicato che potrebbe vedere molti più ritiri man mano che sale verso l’alto.

Niveaux de gris a acheté 17100 BTC la semaine dernière, détient désormais 2,4% de l’offre de Bitcoin

Juste avant la fin du mois, Grayscale a augmenté sa position globale en bitcoins à 449900 BTC.

Alors que le prix du bitcoin continue de rester inférieur à 13000 USD depuis plus d’un an et à environ 10000 USD de plus que le mois dernier , il n’y a pas de meilleur moment pour empiler quelques sats

Alors que la principale monnaie numérique est toujours à 45% de son sommet de 20000 dollars, les opportunités «acheter le creux» sont exploitées non seulement par les petits acteurs, mais aussi par les grands.

Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) a ajouté 17100 Bitcoin Trader à ses coffres la semaine dernière, augmentant sa position globale en bitcoins à 449900 BTC. Avec cela, Grayscale détient désormais 2,4% de l’offre actuelle de bitcoins.

Septembre a été un mois terne, non seulement pour le prix du bitcoin, mais aussi pour les niveaux de gris. Alors que le prix BTC est en baisse de -8% ce mois-ci, Grayscale a à peine vu un changement dans sa position totale en bitcoins jusqu’au 22 septembre, selon les données fournies par Bybit.

Cette dernière accumulation pourrait expliquer pourquoi le prix du bitcoin n’a pas encore baissé malgré les fortes attentes du marché baissier

«Ce qui est intéressant à propos de Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, c’est que c’est Hotel California, ces pièces sont gratuites, mais elles ne peuvent jamais partir. C’est assez génial d’introduire en permanence plus de pièces dans le Trust, au prix de la décentralisation », a déclaré l‘ analyste en chaîne Willy Woo.

«Les investisseurs peuvent vendre. Cela ne signifie pas que les pièces de la fiducie sont libérées, cela signifie simplement que la fiducie devient sous-évaluée, attirant de nouveaux investissements. C’est une «valve unidirectionnelle» intelligente pour assurer la croissance des actifs, y compris les frais sur le long terme », a-t-il ajouté.

De plus en plus d’acteurs institutionnels s’intéressent au bitcoin cette année, surtout après que la banque centrale a commencé à imprimer de l’argent. Le mois dernier, nous avons vu MicroStrategy ajouter le bitcoin comme couverture d’inflation à sa réserve . Puis ce mois-ci, il a ajouté plus de BTC , portant le total à 37800 BTC.

Fait intéressant, avec cela, les plus grands investisseurs de MicroStrategy, qui comprennent les principaux gestionnaires d’actifs BlackRock et Vanguard et le fonds pétrolier norvégien d’un billion de dollars – détenant une participation combinée d’environ 100 millions de dollars – ont également une exposition indirecte au bitcoin.

Comme l’a déclaré Micah Erstling, un trader chez le fabricant de marché de la cryptographie GSR, «La curiosité institutionnelle et les explorations continuent d’augmenter.»