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Monat: November 2020

Les pièces de DeFi AAVE, RUNE, SNX tiennent bon malgré la correction des bitcoins

Les pièces de la finance décentralisée (DeFi) ont connu une très forte reprise après les creux de la semaine dernière. Hier soir, au plus fort de la reprise, un grand nombre de pièces de haut de gamme étaient en hausse de 100 % par rapport à leurs plus bas niveaux.

Bien que certains de ces gains aient été inversés depuis DeFi tient relativement bien le coup. Les pièces les plus populaires de cet espace, dont Aave (AAVE), Thorchain’s RUNE et Synthetix’s Synthetix Network Token (SNX), ont augmenté de 10 % au cours des dernières 24 heures, malgré la baisse du prix des bitcoins.

Le Bitcoin est en baisse de 800 dollars par rapport à ses sommets locaux et continue de varier car il semble avoir formé une corrélation avec l’or, une corrélation inverse avec le dollar américain.

Les pièces de monnaie DeFi tiennent le coup

Même après la baisse rapide du flush de Bitcoin, qui aurait conventionnellement causé des problèmes sur les marchés des altcoins, DeFi est en hausse. Alors que la CTB a baissé de 2,5 % au cours des dernières 24 heures, les pièces de premier rang dans l’espace sont de 1 à 20 % plus élevées sur la même période.

Voici une capture d’écran de CoinGecko qui illustre cette tendance à la hausse des pièces de l’écosystème DeFi :

AAVE semble s’éloigner comme la meilleure cryptocouronne à grande capitalisation de la semaine dernière. Comme le montrent les données ci-dessus, elle a augmenté de 83 % rien qu’au cours des sept derniers jours, après avoir fortement rebondi par rapport à ses plus bas niveaux locaux.

Les pièces de DeFi ont subi une forte correction lorsque les bitcoins ont commencé à se redresser, bien que le capital se soit depuis étendu pour inclure les altcoins.

Des fondamentaux solides

De solides fondamentaux sous-tendent la croissance dans l’espace DeFi. La valeur totale de tous les contrats DeFi vient en effet d’atteindre un nouveau record, à savoir 12,5 milliards de dollars. Ce chiffre est bien supérieur aux 500 millions de dollars observés plus tôt dans l’année.

La TVL de l’espace DeFi est restée constamment élevée, malgré la correction observée ces deux derniers mois.

Cela est dû en grande partie à la recherche de rendement dans les DeFi et sur les marchés traditionnels, ce qui oblige les investisseurs à conserver leurs capitaux dans des pools et autres possibilités de culture de rendement pour obtenir des bénéfices.

L’innovation dans l’espace DeFi se poursuit également à un rythme rapide. Un certain nombre de développeurs dans ce domaine lancent des applications qui vont étendre la portée de cet espace dans le domaine financier.

How to buy Bitcoin at the best of times without being an expert

With the huge rise that Bitcoin is going through, you may be thinking how to buy this cryptocurrency.

But more importantly, you want to know if this is a good time to do it.

It is normal for a price as high as the $ 18,000 that the mother cryptocurrency is trading at today causes greed. This can pressure you to make hasty decisions thinking that the train is going to leave you.

Let me tell you that you still have time, and although it is not the best time to buy Bitcoin, today I will show you some tools that will help you buy at the best prices.

All you will see below is information that will help you:

You know and trust the fundamentals of Bitcoin.
You will invest with a long-term vision.
None of the above will be considered investment advice.

How to buy Bitcoin at the best times
1- Rainbow Chart

The funniest tool on this list. It is intended to observe long-term price movements, without having to worry about the volatile day-to-day fluctuations of Bitcoin.

Designed in the shape of a rainbow, where the colors identify the best areas for both buying and selling.

It was introduced into the ecosystem by the Bitcointalk user trolololo in 2014. It has colored bands that originate from a logarithmic regression, the other conditions of the tool do not have any scientific basis. It’s not the holy grail of investing, it’s just a price guide. It will be correct until one day it is no longer correct.

2- Historical RSI

Developed in 1979 by J. Welles Wilder, the RSI is one of the most widely used indicators in technical analysis. Its acronym stands for Relative Strength Index, which is translated as Relative Strength Index.

It is an oscillator type indicator that reflects the relative strength of bullish movements compared to bearish movements, and normalizes the calculation in a range that fluctuates between a high of 100 and a low of 0.

It is used to measure the strength of a trend or to look for signs of a reversal of the trend.

If you want to know how to buy Bitcoin at the best prices with this indicator, you should focus on using a long-term RSI.

In this case we will use the monthly RSI offered by the data provider Digitalik.

From this graph we can see how although the $ 18,000 that BTC is currently trading seems like a high price, it is still quite a long way from being overbought, compared to the peak reached in 2017.

The best places to buy Bitcoin using this RSI, is when the indicator is below 20 points indicating oversold.

However, if your vision is solidly long-term as it should be, you could still keep accumulating with good prices up to the 70 level of this RSI.

Already at level 80 or higher you should sound the alarms, you could start taking some profits and enjoy everything that you have waited for that moment to arrive.
Bitcoin RSI. Source: digitalik. Bitcoin RSI.

The close relationship between Bitcoin’s scarcity and its price

3- Stock to flow

The Stock to Flow is a model designed by the Plan B analyst. Its purpose is to show how many years are needed to reach the current stock. The higher the result of the calculation, the higher the price.

Thanks to the Bitcoin production speed reduction event (halving) held every 4 years, there is a drastic shock in supply. If you add to this a constantly rising demand, it results in an upward explosion in price.

Brace yourself, based on the Stock to Flow model, that explosion is just beginning, and it should push the price toward an ATH of around $ 100,000.

Analyst warns of Bitcoin crash, says: BTC will soon crash by 30%

According to independent financial analyst Josh Rager, the Bitcoin bull run is on the verge of encountering a tough wall of resistance.

The benchmark cryptocurrency could fall as much as 30 percent, according to the co-founder of Blockroots. He comments that BTC / USD has a knack for logging extreme retreats after its relentless rallies.

Rager cites nine such cases in recent history in which bull markets brought corrections of at least 30 percent

The bearish analogy comes despite a long-term healthy outlook for the Bitcoin market. The cryptocurrency rose about 90 percent in 2020 and traded as low as $ 14,098 on Friday – its highest level since January 2018, when The News Spy corrected down from an all-time high of nearly $ 20,000 the previous month.

Many traders, including Rager, agree that Bitcoin hit $ 14,000 because of the general consensus that cryptocurrency was a hedge against inflation. The asset has a limited supply of 21 million coins, which outweighs the potential benefits of owning fiat currencies with an unlimited supply.

The surge in coronavirus cases and its potential impact on the global economy has led central banks to pursue an unprecedented policy of quantitative easing. More money comes into the market, which undermines its purchasing power.

As a result, investors are actively moving their cash reserves into relatively riskier assets, which include stocks, gold, and bitcoin .

That explains the incredible price rally of the crypto currency since March 2020 – up to 265 percent on Friday.

„Let the dips come“

Rager sees the impending bearish correction as a natural response to a bull run. The analyst admits that the „dip“ would prove helpful in attracting more investors to the Bitcoin market. For them it would be an opportunity to secure the tight investment at a discount. Rager bullish:

„In the long term we know where this is going (up)“

Much of this investment is expected to come from traditional firms. Bakkt President Adam White told the Wall Street Journal that hedge funds, brokerage houses and other mainstream trading firms are „taking a hard look at crypto and bitcoin.“ According to White, daily trading on his futures platform has increased from 1,300 in late 2019 to 8,700 in September 2020.

The introduction of Bitcoin also increases the payment services sector.